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Y13 Drama Scripted Performances

This week saw our A Level Drama students complete their final Scripted Performance pieces that will contribute to 30% of their overall A2 grade.  Students are assessed on their ability to work from page to stage whilst taking influence from a prescribed practitioner.  

First saw the play ‘4:48 Psychosis,’ often referred to as Sarah Kane’s suicide note, with the influence of Antonin Artaud and his ‘Theatre of Cruelty’ that aims to bombard the audience’s senses.  

Secondly, Stef Smith’s contemporary play ‘Swallow’, exploring the lives of three strangers tackling their demons head on.  The group were inspired by physical theatre practitioner Frantic Assembly and their use of movement and lifts to portray relationships.  

Thirdly was Sophocles’ ‘Oedipus’, with the ensemble finding comedic elements to this potent tragedy.  The groups influencing practitioner was story-telling theatre company Kneehigh and their creation of joyful anarchy.  

Finally, Lemn Sissay’s controversial play ‘Something Dark’, an autobiographical story about Lemn’s adoption experience from Ethiopia.  Again the group embraced Antonin Artaud’s extreme emotion and grotesque imagery in order to achieve a cathartic reaction from the audience.  

Students have excelled throughout the process of this unit and we are extremely proud of their dedication to the intensive rehearsal process.  This is the final performance examination of our Year 13 students, with many opting to continue with their Drama studies at university and so we look forward to hearing all about their future success.  


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