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Support and Welfare

DESC is centred around our ‘core services’ with include medical, counselling, special educational needs and guidance (which includes careers and personal and social development).  Our aim is to ensure all students have access to support, as and when this is needed, in order for students to be able to engage with the curriculum.  Happy, motivated and engaged students make better learners and when students have the right mindset, staff can create excellent classroom environments and get the best outcomes possible.

Examinations and results are of course important, but the DESC model puts ‘happiness’ at the centre of our experience not results.  Our ‘Four 2 Grow’ curriculum allows staff and students to engage in developing dispositional skills and attributes alongside subject knowledge.  We also emphasise the need to engage in a diverse range of experiences and this concept is supported with the co-curricular (ECAs) activities and opportunities to learn outside the classroom in local and international contexts.

Student Advisors – Information for Parents

Student Advisors are a school based service which offers students support in a place that is familiar and safe. We are qualified professionals who have experience working with children, young people and their families.  

DESC Student Advisors offer students the opportunity to talk about things that are of concern to them, in confidence.  What is spoken about will depend on the individual, but common themes  are stress, friendships, family, change, loss, feelings about self and school life.  

Student Advisors – Information for Students

A DESC Student Advisor is someone who you can talk to in a different way, someone who will  listen to you very carefully, who will not judge you or tell you what to do. Student Advising is about helping you to work things out for yourself, making decisions and choices and helping you to look at things differently. It can help you to feel better about yourself.