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College Nurses

College Nurses

We have three full time nurses at DESC, Mrs Jill Riding, Mrs Jackie Williams and Mrs Perly Pantig. The nurses are here during school hours to provide the following:

  • Administration of first aid and emergency care
  • Measure students height, weight and BMI
  • Collaboration with parents and staff regarding specific health related concerns
  • The co-ordination and supervision of school medical examinations
  • Health promotion
  • Maintenance of school health records

Medical Forms

Before your child begins at DESC, you will be asked to complete our Medical Form. Please return these promptly with all medical information provided. It is with utmost importance that we are aware of any medical conditions or regular medication. Please click HERE to view the Medical Form.


Students are not permitted to carry medicine with them. If your child needs any medicine whilst they are at school, please hand it to the nurses with instructions and it will be stored safely in the clinic.

The nurses have medications for basic ailments at school which can be given if consent is provided. There is a full list of these within the Medical Form.


Please ensure that copies of your child’s immunisation records are given to the nurses. It is important that you child is vaccinated as appropriate.

School Medicals

The Dubai School Health Services requires that all schools carry out a ‘School Medical Examination’ on new students and students in Years 7 and 9. A consent form is in the medical information pack along with payment details. If you would prefer to take your child to your own family doctor for the medical examination, please notify the nurses who will give you the appropriate form.

Any relevant medical information/announcements throughout the school year will be found on the Parent Portal. Please do not hesitate to contact the nurses with any questions/queries you may have via the school telephone number or by email Mrs Jill Riding –, Mrs. Jackie Williams – or Mrs. Perly Pantig

Infection Control

In order to minimise the spread of infection and communicable diseases, DESC has strict infection control procedures. To read our Infection Control Policy, please click HERE


We have two full time counsellors who work at the school. The counsellors work in conjunction with teachers and nursing staff to provide social and emotional wellbeing for all students in the secondary school environment.