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Careers Advice

Mission and Vision

DESCareers is a student service that was created for the specific needs of our students at DESC. What began as a part-time service in September 2015 has since then developed into an ever growing full-time service that helps our students aspire to discover and foster their interests for their future.

DESCareers is a platform that attracts students via exciting different approaches such as DESCpowerment Day ‘the career day for the 21st century college student’, Spotlight Speakers ‘walking in the shoes of their future self’, private career coaching sessions ‘taking them from their present self to the self that they aspire to become’, working world workshops ‘the tools they can’t learn in the classroom’ are only just a few of the services offered at DESCareers.

What We Stand For

The ‘hub’ for knowledge, life after DESC, career education, professional well-being and work world discovery. We aim to provide resources for students, parents and teachers wanting to better understand the student’s potential for global employment.

Opening Hours

Ms. Vitoratos, our college Career Coach is in the career office in the Sky Block and she is available from Sunday to Thursday from 7:40am to 3:00pm.

Private Coaching Sessions

Students must confirm an appointment prior to their session. Sign-ups sheets are available in the careers office only.


A DESCareer series that normalises the career issues and concerns by opening a dialogue with DESC students across the college. The show discusses and clarifies the student perspective of the different challenges for career discovery and education.  

DESCareer Education

Career education has been tailored to suit the needs of our students at DESC. Alongside the various events, workshops and activities, a comprehensive 6-week program is offered to all of our students as part of their Term 2 GROW & LIFE lessons.

Parent Connection

DESCareers welcomes support and feedback from the parent body. We are always open to parents wanting to engage in the career services offered to the students.

Spotlight Speakers

The Spotlight Speaker initiative aims to enlighten DESC students to take responsibility for the discovery process of their career education and their future employment.  Students must sign-up and confirm their attendance for Spotlight Speaking events early because seats fill up quickly.


DESCpowerment Day 2017 was an event aimed at empowering the students with knowledge about their future. It offered information about universities, different types of jobs & industries, work world workshops and more!  It gave the students an opportunity to establish a better understanding about their next step in life after DESC.