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Voices of Experience

On Monday, 30th September a group of newly inducted Year 7 students made a return journey to DESS to offer their insights about their transition to DESC. Emerging from the bus at our sister school, pupils were greeted by a smiling Mr Lohe and escorted to their former classrooms where they were met by smiles and cheers from former  colleagues and teachers.

After a brief introduction, the students were invited to speak to small groups of Year 6 children and answer their questions about life at The College. Speaking with firsthand, recent experience, the DESC pupils were able to explain, in detail, life as a Year 7 student. They spoke of the successes and challenges they have faced and were able to deliver a great deal of myth busting information:

No, it is not true that…..

  • secondary teachers are super scary.
  • you have to carry every single one of your books to every single one of your lessons.
  • you have to learn your timetable off by heart by the end of the first week or face detention.

However,  it is true that…..

  • there are a lot of warm welcoming people ready to help you.
  • learning your way around the campus is very straightforward and you get used to changing classrooms in a remarkably short space of time.
  • lessons are exciting and that exceptional experiences in the classroom and beyond are part of everyday life at DESC.

After a short closing assembly, the DESC students made the return journey to the College, having enjoyed being the oldest hands in town, even for just for a little while.



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