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The Gemstone Games

Four of our outstanding Y13 students travelled to Jumeirah College on Tuesday, 5th November 2019 to accept the challenge of the Gemstone Games, as part of the Dubai Super Science League competitions.

Leah Lawrence, Alex Howe, Melchior Raywood and Emily Jones ran the gauntlet and completed a cryptic Chemistry task which they confidently finished.  Physics saw them fashioning a catapult that could fire at a range of heights and again, the feeling was that they had performed well.  During the Biology challenge they were asked to use chromatography to find out which plant species would act as the best antihemorrhagic substance. They completed this task with time to spare!  Despite being pipped at the post in the Physics challenge (controversy reigned) they were crowned the winners of the Quartz Quadrat, the award for the Biology task.  

In addition, they were courteous, delightful ambassadors for DESC! Well done team DESC!

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