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Maths Galleries

Egg Drop Gallery



Maths Transition Day

The students from DESS came up the “Big School” to experience what life may be like next year. Everyone had a fabulous time thanks to the wonderful activities arranged by The Department (special thanks to Mr Gallagher).



Room 2

Room 2 is ideal for collaborative work and learning. Students are able to interact in a dynamic manner, using the walls to explain and demonstrate. Thanks to Mr Sanghera’s class for the photos.



Multi-cultural Week

Multi-cultural week gives the students the opportunity to investigate aspects of mathematics from the perspective of different cultures. Ancient number systems help to reinforce the development of the concept of the decimal system, tangrams allow the students to explore the transformations of shapes, and the unit on Islamic art develops the students’ appreciation of the link between geometric patterns and mathematics within the context of the U.A.E. and wider region.