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At Dubai English Speaking College, all students are encouraged to enjoy Mathematics and become more enthusiastic mathematicians by developing their skills, qualities and knowledge through practical experiences, which have relevance and purpose in everyday situations.


Assessment Information

Students are assessed on a lesson by lesson basis.  Homework’s and termly tests are also used to assess progress.  Students are encouraged to be fully involved in their own progress over the year to identify (and act on) their areas for development, as well as their strengths.


Useful Links

Comprehensive listings of great revision resources for revising for your GCSEs, Standard Grades, AS levels, SATs and KS3

mymaths is a subscription website for schools. It contains tutorials, interactive games and booster packs to improve grades/levels. It is suitable for all Key Stages

Provides revision guides, revision questions and revision notes. Suitable for GCSE and A Level revision

Students can create graphs of functions entered as algebraic expressions

A wealth of resources covering misconceptions, real life applications and investigations. Suitable for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 interactive resources. Suitable for KS5 A comprehensive resource for A level students offering help with all aspects of the course. Short video clips covering the breadth of the course to help students outside the classroom.

Maths games and activities for schoolchildren, resources for teachers and general maths investigations.

Maths homework help from basic math to algebra, geometry and beyond.

A treasure trove of free maths gems for parents, pupils and teachers to try and get everybody enjoying mathematics a bit more! An excellent set of high quality maths revision videos taking you through all the big nasty topics – laws of indices, trigonometry, surds – they are all there, and all explained slowly and clearly. An excellent revision tool.  Lots of short, snappy, videos that explain key A Level concepts clearly. These videos can also be used as podcasts so you can revise maths on the go!

Another excellent collection of clearly presented videos which will undoubtedly help you with your revision. GCSE and A Level are covered and the videos are nicely broken down into topics.

Lots of short, snappy, videos that explain key A Level concepts clearly. These videos can also be used as podcasts so you can revise maths on the go!

What a fantastic resource. This is a forum where you can submit any really annoying maths questions, and a fellow student or one of the brainy people from Cambridge University will help you solve it. Of course, you can also answer other people’s questions yourself, and this really is an excellent way of understanding a topic even more

If you are studying for your SATs or GCSEs, whatever level you are working at, then this website is a must visit! It is jammed packed full of help, resources and examples, and best of all everything is very clearly arranged and levelled so you are sure to find just the help you need. A truly excellent website!