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Arabic B

The Arabic language curriculum at DESC aims to help learners lay a good foundation in learning Arabic, paving the way for independent and lifelong learning and effective communication of knowledge, ideas, values, attitudes and experience. It is built on existing good practices, promoting a balanced approach appropriate to the needs and interests of second language learners.

The Arabic B Department ensures a supportive classroom environment that enables effective learning, developing innovative learning strategies, promoting positive attitudes and values in order to enhance independent learning.

In line with our continued efforts to promote the national language of the UAE, from 2018 DESC will offer Year 9 students the opportunity to sit Arabic GCSE, giving them the opportunity to have their efforts recognised with accredited certification.

KS3: A range of topics are covered over the course of three years that prepares students for the demands of the GCSE course.

KS4: Edexcel GCSE

KS5: Edexcel Arabic GCE  A Level

We work hard to enable our students to achieve the best they can, and this is reflected in our examination results.

Key Stage 3

TermYear 7Year 8Year 9
1Family & HomeBasic Weather
Local Amenities
Future Plans, Education and Work
2Interests and Leisure ActivitiesTravel & Tourism The World of Media
3Education and Work
Media & Culture
Customer Services and Transactions
Health and Exercise

Assessment Information

Students are assessed regularly throughout Key Stage 3 and their progress is monitored to ensure they are working towards their full potential at all times. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills are formally assessed once per term at Key Stage 3.

GCSE: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Examinations are taken at the end of Year 11.

AS level: Unit 1 (Reading and Writing) 100% of the total AS marks, 50% of the total GCE marks.

A2 level: Unit 2 (Reading and Writing) 100% of the total A2 marks, 50% of the total GCE marks.

All examinations in KS5 examinations follow EDEXCEL Specification.

Key Stage 4

TermYear 10Year 11
1Personal information Future plans, Education and Work
2Out and About Media & Culture
3Customer Services and Transactions Health and Exercise

Assessment Information

Year 10:  Students are assessed regularly throughout the year in the four skills to measure their progress and ensure they are working towards their target grade.

Year 11:  Students complete final preparations for their GCSE exams with a focus on the more advanced grammar and vocabulary needed to access the highest grades.

Key Stage 5

TermYear 12Year 13
1Youth Culture and Concerns
Lifestyle: Health and Fitness
The Arabic World
Customs, Traditions, Beliefs and Religions
National and International Events
2The world around us: Travel, Tourism and the Environment Literature and Arts
3Education and Employment Youth Culture, Lifestyle and Travel & Tourism

Assessment Information

Assessments in Year 12 and 13: Students are assessed regularly throughout the course to measure their progress with emphasis on reading and writing skills.

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