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Student Leadership Council (CLC)

At Dubai English Speaking College, we believe that a successful student council is integral to nurturing responsible, collaborative and proactive young people. The Student Leadership Council aims to build a sense of community and strength within the College by complimenting the core purposes of providing the highest standards of Teaching and Learning, by widening students’ horizons, building independence and cultivating excellence.

Purpose of the Student Leadership Council

The purpose of our Student Council is to encourage students to get involved in issues that concern them in and around the College. As a council, we focus on listening to the views of students and we take responsibility for some aspects of school life.

Aim’s of the Student Council

  • Involveand empower students to identify issues at DESC and the wider communities
  • Provide students the opportunityto plan strategies and take action to address and resolve the issues they have identified.
  • To be a forum for activeconstructive student input


The Council draws representatives from Year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 students and these are complemented by the Sixth Form student leadership team (Headboy/ Headgirl and the Deputies). This year, our elected body of sixteen students has a representative from each key stage from each house, as we seek to enrich the learning and College experience of all those who attend DESC. All of the SLC members will represent their House, contributing to an effective environment for change and improvement.

On a fortnightly basis, Council will meet to discuss business covering the following areas:  Teaching and Learning; Student Support; The Community and Extra-Curricular; Curriculum; Website.

DESS and DESC Collaborative Councils

In the summer term, we intend to play host to Dubai English Speaking School Council.  This meeting will consist of representatives from Year 6, for a full afternoon of debate, discussion and great ideas! The aim of the session will be to allow Year 6 students opportunity to shape the transition process, share ideas about how they would like their first year at secondary school to be and to also meet Council representatives from DESC.