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Jolie Farid  (Leader of Student Librarians)

I am extremely passionate about being a Student Librarian. This didn’t start when I joined DESC but when I was younger. What I enjoy most is the event planning. I was involved in numerous events during my internship in the summer, so now I easily come up with ideas that are creative and fun at the same time. Most of my A level choices were science based which is also a passion and see myself studying medicine in the future! From my perspective, I think that the DESC Library is an amazing place to read books; with its peaceful atmosphere you can live the events of the story you are reading. Finally, I am more than happy to be a Student Librarian.



Malayna Ahmed

My name is Malayna and I am in E11C! I love reading and the idea of immersing myself into another world. My all-time favourite book is ‘Harry Potter’ by J.K.Rowling. I think the serene setting of the Library, paired with the abundance of stories and knowledge stored in books, provide an optimum environment for one to relax, study or just read within.




Emily Jenns

Hi, I’m Emily and a Student Librarian. As I’m in Year 12 I enjoy coming to the Library because it is quiet and calm and allows me to de-stress from my A levels.




Kweku Baffoe-Bonnie

Hi I’m Kweku. I have been helping in the Library for what about a year now!  I have always stuck to reading science fiction or fantasy books as all other pale in comparison (It’s a fact). What Else? Well I think that’s it for this year’s message.



Diya Bose

I first decided to become a Student Librarian because I realised I needed to spend more time there since I don’t visit it as regularly as I should. It’s the best thing I have done this year. Along with great teamwork and learning organisation skills, I enjoy helping other students. Just being surrounded by books that I enjoy reading is so therapeutic and stress relieving and a feeling words can’t really describe. Having such a great Library at DESC is an amazing opportunity for students from all years to just unwind and get lost in a good book.



Salma Salem

My name is Salma Salem and I am in Year 11. Through my experience in the Library this year I found that it isn’t just a place where you can borrow books of different genres to satisfy your preference, but it is a place where you can socialise and meet new people by taking part in the different house events that regularly take place. Besides that, it is the perfect place to easily contribute to the DESC community by writing a recommendation for a book you enjoyed reading on the white board for others to be entertained by it as well.



Olivia Cotgrove

Hiya this is Olivia. I love reading as it is anyway, so working in the Library has been amazing. I took quite difficult and time-consuming A-levels, so being able to take a break from those and work in the Library has been a nice change. For me, reading opens your mind to new places and ideas that we might never see ourselves. We are so lucky to have such an amazing Library here at DESC filled with all different genres of books and I have been so grateful to have been able to assist with running it.




Tasmin McCullen

As a Year 12 student, stress is inevitable and it’s really nice to have a quiet, calming place to do simple tasks to take your mind off of it. Fortunately, the Library provides that. Also, the Library contains a variety of books to accommodate every preference of genre, even in non-fiction, which personally I love to read.




Karim Almourad

Hi. I’m Karim. I am in Year 7 and I enjoy reading the 39 Clues and the Land of Stories. The Library is a nice calm area where I can read my favourite books. I love helping others and being involved in great teamwork and organisation. Being surrounded by books makes me feel happy and takes me away from stress of tests. That’s all.




Rohan Shivashankar

Hello my name is Rohan.  I am in Year 7. I love being a Student Librarian because you find books you have never seen. I get to stamp the books, sort out book series and help people to enjoy books as much as I do.




Grace Taylor

Hello. I am Grace and I am a Student Librarian in Year 8. Some books I would  recommend are the Harry Potter Series, Alan Gratz books and every Andy McNabb book that you can get your hands on.




Zexi Liu

Hi, my name is Zexi. I am in Year 7. I enjoy being a Junior Librarian. I love helping the librarians in the Library. I would recommend books written by J.K. Rowing. These books are very interesting. I hope you will love it when you’ve read it




Verity Raymont

Hello, I am Verity and I am a Student Librarian. I have been helping in the Library and I recommend Meg Cabot for Girls (or Boys) and Rick Riordan for Year 7 and 8s. If you have any questions, you can come and ask me.




Seren Davies

Hello, I am Seren Kate Davies and I am a Student Librarian. I am in Year 7 and I enjoy helping out and exploring more books. You may not have found the right book yet, but you will soon find it in the DESC Library.




Bhumika Khosla

Hello I’m Bhumika Khosla. I am in Year 7 and I love being a Student Librarian because it helps me explore different books and helps me imagine things that are beyond this world.




Feifi – Tongfei  Zheng

Hello, I’m Feifi, a Junior Student Librarian. I enjoy reading immensely and that is why I joined! I hope you can have fun in the library too.