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Here’s what some of our students have to say…

While going to the library may be a bore to some, I in fact extremely enjoy it.  From how nice the librarians are to help you find that one book that you’ve been looking for (In my case, not so often, I find books very easily), to how much of a variety there is of genres from Fantasy to Horror, from Science Fiction to Historical, there really is no end!-

Kweku Baffoe-Bonnie S9F

I love our library as it is a refuge for me to get some quiet time to study without unnecessary interruptions. It is bright, airy, has a wonderful ambience of serenity and is filled with all the resources (including books, computers, DVD’s…) that I need to enhance my learning outside of the classroom.

Rushad Saklatwalla  C12F

I like reading because it makes me imagine the setting and the characters I’m reading about and it’s really interesting. I especially like fiction books because it can make you feel like your part of the story. The library is great because there’s such a wide range of books to choose from and it also means I don’t have to go out and buy more books.

Elisabeth Freeman D7A

I love the Cynthia Trench library because it has such a vast collection of so many interesting topics that I simply love learning about. The staff are so great at helping to locate books that may spark my interests. I think the library is a great place to relax and contemplate things, to enjoy a great read, or simply to catch up on some schoolwork in a lovely, relaxed and peaceful environment.

Maxi Small S8C

I think that The Cynthia Trench Library has lots of variety in the books and genres that you can borrow and the library system is really efficient and useful when you are returning books are borrowing them. I also think it is a very good library because there are many comfortable places to sit and read or do homework; they have beanbags, which you can move around to many other places to rest in the library. It is also very peaceful and quiet most almost all of the time since it opened.

Matias De Araujo S8C