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Social Studies


Social Studies follows a diverse and engaging curriculum set by the UAE Ministry of Education that gives schools flexibility in the subject’s delivery. All students in Year 7-10 are timetabled one hourly lesson per week with a focus on promoting a holistic knowledge of the UAE, Asia and Africa

Students cover four key topic areas in a year: 

  • History
  • Geography
  • National Education
  • Economics

Our Vision for Social Studies at DESC

At DESC, our vision is to get to the heart of the question ‘Where have we come from and where are we going to?’. We view the subject as a vehicle for developing real depth of understanding in the past, present and future of the Arabian Peninsula and neighbouring countries and continents. We believe it to be crucial that students, as future leaders and shapers of our country’s future, are able to appreciate the extraordinary circumstances that have taken place in and around the UAE for them, and their family, to be here today.

Assessment in Social Studies

The assessments have been designed to accelerate the development of skills required in other Humanities subjects with students taught to write clearly, concisely and critically.

All examinations are internal and skills-based with students needing to demonstrate competence in evaluation, as well as in using key terminology and facts and figures. Assessments focus on addressing UAE Social Studies Learning Outcomes within the following Learning Domains:

Domain 1: Knowledge of Social Studies Components

Domain 2: Literacy in Social Studies

Domain 3: Communication and Presentation

Year 7 Curriculum with Key Topic Areas

Geography – The Ancient World of Africa and Asia, Economic Activities of Africa and Asia, Population Features, Sustainability in the UAE

History – Building of Civilisations, Important Figures of Ancient Civilisations in Asia and Africa, Contemporary Events in Asia and Africa

National Education – Material and Moral Heritage, Traditional Medicine and Sport, Development Aid and International Contributions, Sheikh Zayed Bin Khalifa

Economics – Introducing EconomicConcepts, Development of Trade and Tourism, Shams City

Year 8 Curriculum with Key Topic Areas

Geography – Key Waterbodies, Physical and Human Features of the Arabian Peninsula, Trade Activities in the UAE, Environmental Challenges and Solutions, International Aid

History – Arabian Peninsula before Islam, Rashidun Caliphate, Contemporary History of the Gulf

National Education – UAE Foreign Policy, The GCC, Role of Dubai in establishing the Union

Economics – History of Currency in the Arabian Peninsula, Economic Concepts, Economic Relationships

Year 9 Curriculum with Key Topic Areas

Geography – Arab World Geography, Population Studies, Specialist Mapping, Lifestyle Challenges, Urbanisation

History – The Umayyad Caliphate, The Abbasid Caliphate, Patterns of Governance, Decline of Caliphates, Mongol Invasion

National Education – Rights, Roles and Responsibilities, Role of the Founder in Human Development, Role of Women in Development, Role of Sharjah in Establishing the Union

Economics – Innovation and Creativity of SMEs, Economic Systems Around the World, UAE Investment

Year 10 Curriculum with Key Topic Areas

Geography – Biome Distribution and Climatic Zones, Human and Physical Features of the UAE, Prevalent Trade Activities, Strategic Significance of the Middle East, Role of Sheikh Zayed in Sustainability

History – The Ottoman Empire, Causes and Effects of the French Campaign, Colonisation of the Arab World, Arab Solidarity Today

National Education – Patriotism, Governance, Rights and Responsibilities, Social Unity and Cohesion, Role of the Sheikhs of Ajman in Establishing the Union

Economics – Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Economic Blocs, GATT’s Negative Impact, Sustainable Development Goals

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