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Psychology Conference

Last week, DESC Psychology hosted the three-day ASPIRE Conference. On Tuesday, Psychology teachers from all over the UAE came to DESC for Examiner CDP. This session, delivered by a principal examiner who has written, and marked hundreds, of GCSE and A Level exam papers, allowed our teachers to learn about the common pitfalls that students make in psychology exams, so that they can help them to succeed.

On Wednesday, all 232 DESC Psychology students in Years 10 to 13 were able to work with guest speakers in the field of Forensic Psychology and complete an exam skills session. We attended multiple workshops where we were able to act as forensic scientists taking part in a real crime scene investigation. This included analysing suspect’s fingerprints and looking at skeletal structures to help detectives identify the victim and their characteristics. We also explored Cognitive Behavior Therapy in prisons and talked with probation officers who have worked with prolific criminals in the UK. It was really interesting to learn about how a pre-sentencing report is constructed and used by the courts when an offender is convicted. This session also explained the potential reasons behind four different murders, and how the offenders are being rehabilitated.

On Thursday the Conference continued with over 100 Psychology students from schools around the country attending the workshops with their own teachers. It was a great chance for psychology students around the UAE to collaborate with each other, understand more about criminal psychology and consider it as a possible career pathway.


Georgette Mattinson (Year 12)

Psychology Leader

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