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Post Sixth Form Pathways

Planning ahead

Sixth Form precedes a period of major change: the end of students’ long association with the College and the assumption of formal adult status as they embark on another stage in their lives. Such a significant step requires thorough preparation; what students decide now will impact upon them for some time to follow. The range of options is considerable and there is much to think about; planning ahead, choosing a course of action from the alternatives available and matching ambitions to abilities is all part of the preparation process.

As part of their Sixth Form studies, students will take part in careers workshops and attend careers coaching sessions to provide them with guidance on the choices available to them. Experienced staff are available to meet with students and parents to discuss the routes available for them to follow when they leave College.  Students are encouraged to undertake work experience opportunities to give them first-hand experiences of potential future careers.

The majority of our students apply to, and are accepted by, universities all over the world. The application processes for the different countries will be explained to them and they will be guided through the various application processes, for example the UCAS system for entry to British universities, or the Common Application Process for the US. Students will be encouraged to investigate the opportunities available to them and we give our full support in the pursuit of their university place.

In Year 12, students will start to think about their future careers. They will have the opportunity to attend career presentations from guest speakers, together with coaching sessions to help guide them with their future career intentions. To assist with course and institution choice, university representatives visit the College on a regular basis and we recommend that students attend these meetings so that they can ask questions. All students at DESC have access to a dedicated software program that enables them to search for relevant courses based on their interests and academic attainment.

As a result of this comprehensive preparation, DESC has an excellent track record of students securing places for high demand and competitive courses, at the most prestigious educational institutions across the world.

Where do our students go?

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