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Library Events


The library was in a Halloween-themed atmosphere with spooky decorations along with some of our most popular books from the horror genre. At lunchtime, we had some horror stories read by our very own Mr Grigg from the English Department, which students found it to be an immersive experience!






Remembrance Day

It was an absolute honour to commemorate Remembrance Day in the library. Mrs Heckford read a number of war poems and this touched many people’s hearts, students and teachers alike. Students were encouraged to write and recite their own poems and we applaud the many talents we have at DESC.  Angus McLay, Kudzai Tapera, and Nora Gergab all submitted their own entries, which we were delighted to read and listen to.





National Day

UAE National Day brought an interesting discussion about our lives in Dubai, as students were lively in sharing their favourite memories. Mr Mumtaz from our Arabic Department kindly took the time to read and translate an excerpt from Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s “My Vision”.





National Storytelling Week

With the New Year, there has been a new addition of books to the library across a plethora of genres. This has coincided with National Storytelling week, which is an annual celebration founded by the Society for Storytelling in the UK. It is believed that having strong narrative skills forms part of literacy development. Hence, during KS3 library lessons, students were given the exciting opportunity to read aloud to their class.






It is assumed that audiobooks are only used for those with English as a second language, special educational needs, or struggling readers. We continuously try to clear up this misconception and play excerpts from the various audiobooks that our library has to offer. A scientific approach argues that listening to books better engages the imagination!





World Book Day

There was so much going on in the week leading up to World Book Day and the Emirates Literature Festival! We had a Book Extract Challenge where students had to find various extracts hidden around the library and identify which book it is from, which really quizzed their knowledge. ‘STOP, LOOK & LISTEN’ also took place around the Desert Garden during break time, where teachers and students volunteered to read their favourite novel to passers-by.

The author, Alexander McNabb, came to visit DESC and gave an insight into the making behind his spy thrillers, which was received very well by our year 9/10s.

Finally, we had a book swap outside Sky block, where students were able to donate unwanted books and collect tokens to use to exchange for another book. We had over 200 books exchanged, which was far more than we expected!




‘Book Speed Dating’ 

Rows of tables were set up outside DESCafé as we got ready for book speed dating. This is basically a brief conversation between two people who are attempting to ultimately find their perfect match…in a book!





Harry Potter Week 

On the 2nd May, it was the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts. We decided to hold a Harry Potter themed week in the library and had many HP souvenirs on our ‘E’ display, which we frequently change up from week to week depending on the event. We even had Voldemort and McGonagall’s wands!