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Inspection Report

School Inspections in Dubai

British curriculum international schools in Dubai are subject to two forms of inspections:

The Dubai School Inspection Bureau (DSIB)

In our latest DSIB report we were judged to be ‘Outstanding’.  To review the latest DSIB Inspection Report 2018-2019, please click HERE.

The Dubai School Inspection Bureau (DSIB) of KHDA was established by Decision 38 of The Executive Council of the Government of Dubai in 2007.

DSIB provides comprehensive information on the standard of private school education in Dubai, which helps to inform improvement planning at school and policy level. This is achieved through a number of approaches, including annual school inspections, parents meetings and focus groups, teachers, parents and students surveys.

Having a view of the standard and quality of education provided throughout Dubai is critical for everyone concerned with education. DSIB provides an inspection service which gives independent, comprehensive assessment of educational standards and school performance for every private school in Dubai.

The standards have been developed and are regularly revised in cooperation with educational practitioners across the diverse curricula represented in Dubai.

Through inspections and the participation of schools in international assessments, DSIB provides KHDA, the Government of Dubai and the wider public with an accurate and detailed view of the quality of school education in Dubai in relation to the educationally best-performing countries in the world.

For further information about DSIB, please click HERE

British Schools Overseas (BSO)

The British Schools Overseas (BSO) inspection is  available to schools who are members of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS).  This inspection is very closely linked, in  terms of framework and standards, to the inspection process carried out by Ofsted.  BSO inspect British curriculum schools every three years.

In our latest BSO report we were judged to be ‘outstanding’.  To review the latest BSO Inspection Report, please click HERE, to review previous reports please click HERE