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The ICT pathway gives students the opportunity to examine a range of past, current and future technologies along with its impact on our everyday lives.  ICT has and will continue to have a huge impact on the future of Business, Education, Healthcare, Leisure, Politics and the Environment. The ICT qualifications allow students to learn new skills and maintain an interest in this ever-changing and evolving subject. It will build on young people’s knowledge and use of digital devices and explores how technology impacts on every aspect of the world that we live in. Students who take this course will understand the benefits of using technology, whilst also considering how to use ICT safely, conscientiously and responsibly. Alongside developing students knowledge and understanding, the courses also develop students practical ICT skills with students exploring a range of up to date, industry standard software. The course allows students to develop a range of ICT skills that are valuable in other subjects and future employment. ICT qualifications comprise both theoretical and practical examinations. 

Key Stage 4 ICT

TermYear 10Year 11
Creating Graphics
Type of Computers
Data Storage and Security
IT and the Law
3Web Design
Operating On-line and E Commerce
Exam preparation

Assessment Information

Paper 1 – Written assessment (50% – 1 hour and 30 minutes)

Paper 2 – Computer based practical assessment (50% – 3 hours)

Useful links for KS4 ICT

ICT Syllabus –

ICT Theory – 

Explaining Computers YouTube Channel –

BBC Bitesize –

BBC Click –

Key Stage 5 ICT

TermYear 12Year 13
1Unit 1: IT Systems
Unit 3: Emerging Technologies
2Unit 2: Programming
Unit 5: Relational Databases
3Exam PreparationExam Preparation

Assessment Information

Paper 1 –  Written assessment (2 Hours)

Paper 2 –  Computer based practical assessment (3 Hours)

Paper 3 –  Written assessment (2 Hours)

Paper 4 –  Computer based practical assessment (3 Hours)

Useful links for KS5 ICT

Syllabus –

Khan Academy –

Explaining Computers YouTube Channel –

How Stuff Works –

BBC Click –

Coding in HTML –

Coding in CSS –

Coding in JavaScript –