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House News (07.11.19)

The school has been buzzing with House Events at lunchtimes this week! There has been an activity available for every single year group to participate in and compete for their House. Following on from the House Leader Assemblies last week, it is clear the message of ‘Participation is Key’ has been fed through to all students, and it was great to see so many people competing for their House this week and generally having a great time. The students participating will now receive a raffle ticket which will go into the House Tombola. The raffle will take place at the end of each full term, the idea is simple, the more students participate the more chance they will have of receiving a prize!

The Sixth Form students in Years 12 & 13 have been sporting their House shirts for House Netball and Football. The girls have battled it out on the netball courts, with Coast in the lead and Earth a close second. We will see in the final game today if Desert and Sky can pull it back for their Houses! The football pitches have been tense and exciting as the Sixth Form boys play Inter-House football, with over 50 students getting involved and even more supporting throughout the week.

House Cup stack is a new activity introduced into the House Recreational competitions this year. I highly recommend you look this game up if you have never heard of it, it’s very addictive, as we witnessed this week in the Earth Atrium where students in all year groups were showing off their cup stacking skills whilst scoring valuable House participation points.

Another new House activity was the Year 10 & 11 Army Fitness Challenge, kindly put together by Mr Oakley in the History Department. Here, students were physically tested against some of the requirements of the army, competing against students from other Houses as they did so.

Meanwhile, Year 9 Table Tennis has brought teamwork and friendship to each lunchbreak this week. The question is, who will take the lead after this week’s intense competitions?

Look out for the latest update of scores on the House Competition boards inside each block. Next week we have one of the main events of the year, the House Swim Gala, which is a silver event and comes quite high on the scoring stakes.

KS3 – Tuesday, 12th November

KS4/5 – Wednesday, 13th November

Students participating are to come to school in their House Shirts and PE short/skort on the relevant day, along with their swimming clothes.  We look forward to seeing everyone’s enthusiasm on pool-side next week.


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