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Harvard Model Congress Success

Last weekend, a group of ten students from Years 10 to 13 attended the Harvard Model Congress Dubai (HMCD) at the American University of Dubai. HMCD is a government simulation run entirely by Harvard students dedicated to international relations, teaching and politics. Our students were given the unique opportunity to assume the role of real life senators, congressmen and women and international delegations, as they engaged in debate throughout the course of the three-day conference. Our students spent several weeks researching their role and the briefings for each of the committees. The conference had a mixture of Domestic and International programmes. Students were participating in a number of committees including the Presidential Cabinet; House Homeland Security; the United Nations Security Council, World Bank and the African Union.  The students who attended the conference are regular attendees to the Model United Nations (MUN) ECA which takes place on Wednesday evenings. Each week we simulate the format of the United Nations discussing, debating and proposing resolutions to the global issues we are facing today. The skills developed during the ECA sessions has led to the students being incredibly well researched; confident in their public speaking skills and eager to engage in diplomacy and international relations. During the conference, the students debated and worked collaboratively to press resolutions on such issues as the regulation of cryptocurrency; the South China Sea crisis; the violation of human rights at Guantánamo Bay and the issue of unaccompanied minors at the US-Mexico Border. Emily Jones, who attended the conference, describes what the conference meant to her. “I absolutely loved Harvard Model Congress this weekend! I was in the United Nations Security Council taking on the role of the delegate of Iran. We debated the very real and pressing topics: the territorial disputes in the South China Sea and UN peacekeeper misconduct. I found both of these incredibly interesting and passed both of my resolutions on each of the issues at the International Summit. I only became involved with the Model United Nations this year but wish that I had joined sooner!”  According to Cassie Teulon, “the experience was not short of outstanding. Initially I was incredibly nervous, attending a conference of such high significance with no experience, but the Harvard staffers and chairs, as well as being surrounded by like-minded people, really made the weekend one to remember. The Harvard students were so inspirational and friendly that I left with a new drive to push myself academically as well as with an honourable mention!”

We were incredibly proud of our students who not only received accolades from the Harvard Graduates for their incredible contributions throughout the weekend, but who also won the Best Medium Delegation award. Out of the 19 schools in attendance from across the UAE, we were deemed to be the most impressive in our participation at the conference. Several of the students were also awarded Best Delegate and were given honourable mentions by the Chairs of the committees. It was personally a pleasure for me to observe young people so impassioned about the world around them and the issues we face together as a global society.

Ms. Byrne

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