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GCSE Dance – Duet & Trio Exam

GCSE Dance is made up of both practical and theoretical elements. The practical side to GCSE Dance is worth 60% and the written paper is worth 40%. This is a new specification and this year will be our first cohort of GCSE Dance students using this new specification.

On Tuesday, our Year 11 GCSE Dancers completed their practical Duet and Trio Examination which, along with two other practical performances, is worth 60% of their final GCSE. Their performances were of an extremely high standard and we are very proud of each and every one of the students. They have worked tirelessly during the rehearsal process and their dedication and enthusiasm really showed in their final performances.

Students are marked individually on their physical, technical and expressive skills. Each Duet and Trio was given a stimulus and clear choreographic intent, so a lot of effort has gone into making sure their performances communicate their theme to the audience by using skills such as focus, facial expressions, musicality and contact work.

Students are now rehearsing for the practical examination of their choreography unit, which will be in March, and revising for their written exam.


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