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Drama is a subject within the Performing Arts Faculty that allows students to undertake a wide range of Drama performances both inside the classroom and through a number of extra-curricular opportunities.

Students at Key Stage 3 have one lesson per week of Drama which is primarily practical in nature.  iGCSE is a popular option with two classes in each cohort.  AS level students study five lessons of Drama each week, with this increasing to six lessons for their A2 studies and composes of practical and theoretical study.

Key Stage 3

Students at KS3 study Drama every week as part of their program of study. During this time, they undertake a range of units that allows them to experience a variety of stimuli and scripts in order develop key themes and ideas within discussion and performance. The Performing Art’s mission is to foster independent thinking in a creative and challenging environment, by providing a diversified curriculum, extra-curricular provision and preparation for higher education and professions within the arts.


TermYear 7Year 8Year 9
Visual Comedy
Knife Crime
Frantic Assembly
Culture and Ritual
Visual Comedy
The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty
Hard to Swallow
3Culture and RitualThe Terrible Fate of Humpty DumptyHard to Swallow

Assessment Information

Each unit will equip students with a range of dramatic conventions which they will learn to manipulate in order to produce original devised work. Students will be credited for their collaborative skills as well as their ability to maintain a role. Students are assessed at the end of each unit in both performance and three formal written evaluations.

Key Stage 4

TermYear 10Year 11
1Scripted Exploration Devised Exploration
2Devised Exploration Scripted Exploration
3Monologue examination performance Written Examination preparation

Assessment Information

TitleMode of AssessmentWeightingTime
Group devised piece
Group scripted piece
Internally assessed
Externally moderated
60%August - February class and homework (Year 11)
Externally Assessed40%2 Hours 30 minutes

Key Stage 5

A Level Drama is taught as a linear two year course and follows the AQA specification. Students have six lessons a week for A Level study and there is also an expectation for students to undertake independent rehearsals outside of their timetabled lessons.


Component 1:
Interpreting Drama
Written Paper
60 marks
3 hours: 3 sections
Section A - Set Text 1 (25 marks)
Section B - Set Text 2 (30 marks)
(Section A and B are open book, Section B is based on an extract)
Section C - Live Performance (25 marks)
Component 2:
Creating Original Drama Practical
Teacher Mark A
AQA Moderated
60 marks
Devised Performance (20 marks)
Working Notebook (40 marks)
Devised influenced by one practitioner
Component 3:
Making Theatre
Marked by AQA
60 marks
Practical exploration of three key extracts from contrasting plays; one performed in the style of a second prescribed practitioner (40 marks)

Reflective Report (20 marks)

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