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Sixth Form Life at DESC

Empowering students to make a difference

Student leadership is arguably the most beneficial extracurricular activity a student can perform whilst in school. Though there are no grades, the experience gained from a leadership role will be valuable for a lifetime. A DESC student leader is thrown into a learning environment that encourages hands-on experience. Planning, decision making, communicating, and working as part of a team are all essential skills that are developed and enhanced during their experiences. In doing so, students are in the unique position to make a difference.

Involvement, Empowerment & Opportunity

Student leadership at DESC continues to be  a major focus for development this year. The aims have been threefold:

  • To involve and empower students to identify issues at DESC and the wider world
  • To provide students with the opportunity to plan strategies and take action to address and resolve the issues they have identified
  • To be a forum for active and constructive student input

Sixth Form Leadership

We encourage our Sixth Form students to play an active role in our community by making varied positions of responsibility available only to Year 12 and Year 13 students, so they can help shape the future of our College, along with teaching staff and the Senior Leadership Team.

The development of leadership skills is a real strength of our Sixth Form. We expect all students to develop such skills during their time in the Sixth Form. Such roles are highly respected and very sought after; our Sixth Formers develop into vital role models for younger students and are expected to liaise with staff and visitors to the College on a daily basis.

The most prestigious roles are Head Boy and Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl. They have a vital role in ensuring the student voice is heard by the Senior Leadership Team. They are expected to be role models for all other students and have to be proficient in public speaking to a variety of audiences.

In addition to House Leadership opportunities and Head Girl and Head Boy roles, students also have the opportunity to become a Prefect. There are 5 key prefect opportunities that we offer our Sixth Form students. These are Careers, Events, Mentoring, Media & Communications and Wellbeing. Students usually apply for one of these positions and if successful they will receive leadership training from an external provider to help them in their role.

A typical Sixth Form student will select 3 subjects. This will be either three separate A level subjects or one BTEC (equivalent to 2 A levels) and an A level subject. Students can then decide whether to select an optional academic enrichment programme, such as an EPQ to supplement their three subjects. This equates to 18 taught lessons per week (6 lessons per subject). Muslim students and students holding Arabic passports will also be required to study Islamic Education and Arabic A respectively. Students will then have a number of non-contact or free periods, other than those just mentioned. Generally, students will have a proportion of those free periods in a supervised classroom where they are encouraged to use the time productively on private study.

Student Leaders 2019/2020

  • Basel Manna, Head Boy       
  • Emily Jones, Head Girl          
  • Khush Lakhani, Deputy Head Boy
  • Maheen Khaliq, Deputy Head Girl

Message from Head Boy and Head Girl

Having completed the majority of our education at DESSC, we have both become increasingly involved in representing the school. The wide variety of opportunities available to us, ranging from academic extra curriculars to volunteering and sport, has ensured that we have always been a part of the DESC community.

The Sixth Form has a more student-led dynamic which encourages students to take on their own ventures and responsibilities. The newly founded charity committee and societies provide students with a platform to pursue their interests and delve into new areas beyond the scope of the curriculum, preparing them for university-style learning. While students are encouraged to take on leadership positions throughout their time at DESC, the Sixth Form presents a greater array of opportunities with more potential to affect change.

Being the first year group to experience the DESC houses, we have excitedly watched its progression into the popular and competitive system that we know and love today. The non-stop program of inter-house events not only allows students to compete for their houses but to socialise with their peers, meeting new people in a different context. We are working closely with the house leaders this year to continue to grow the system and further incorporate it into the Sixth Form.

Our teachers are passionate and always willing to help in as many ways as they can. We have found that they are constantly challenging us to work beyond our areas of comfort, enabling us to reach our full potential.

As a whole, being members of the DESC community has made us better rounded individuals enthusiastic to take on the challenges of life after school. The inclusive nature of DESC creates a communal environment where every member is equally important and given the opportunity to excel in both the classroom and new avenues.