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Curriculum Explained

KS3 Curriculum

DESC’s KS3 Curriculum is innovative.  With a focus on creating memorable, active and diverse learning experiences for our students, there are extensive opportunities to ensure that talents, aspirations and interests are nurtured. The overall structure of the Key Stage is based on a rhythm with Red (assessment) and Grey (reflection) weeks built in to compliment the natural learning cycle and to provide students with the opportunities to make sustained progress. Transfer of learning between different subjects is systematically planned to ensure that students are increasing both their knowledge and their skill, in interesting contexts. Emphasis is placed on the transition in and out of this vital Key Stage to ensure that it is seamless and meaningful. Schemes of work are regularly and rigorously reviewed to keep the Curriculum fresh, exciting, relevant and in line with National and Emirate priorities. Our inclusive ethos ensures that experiences are personalised and that students are prepared and eager for the next stage in their DESC journey.

KS4 Curriculum

DESC’s KS4 curriculum prepares our students for their GCSE examinations whilst not compromising on their personal and emotional development. Our inclusive ethos ensures that the acquisition of knowledge is complimented with development of skill and understanding across an extensive range of choices and pathways. Cross curricular links are purposeful and lead to a significant enhancement of transfer of learning between different subjects. KS4 has recently undergone a rigorous review, instigated by changes to exam specifications, resulting in an acute focus on Reading Literacy, Entrepreneurship and ensuring that learning experiences are grounded in real world contexts. The curriculum is also multi-faceted: Daily, Extra, Super and Cross which ensures that there is breadth and balance as well as personalisation and coherence.

KS5 Curriculum

Post 16 provides further personalisation and choice for all of our students. Again the Curriculum is progressively structured to offer both academic and vocational pathways for our inclusive intake of students. Through innovative sequencing and systematic planning, students develop their critical thinking and research skills in meaningful and interesting contexts. The DESC Post 16 curriculum champions independent learning alongside collaboration whilst enthusing rather than just preparing our students for the world of work or further education. All stakeholders (staff, parents, students) are involved in regular, holistic reviews of the curriculum and the latest educational research is also used to ensure that it remains cutting edge. The DESC curriculum is continuously evolving to ensure that the needs of all, not most, are not just met but exceeded. Recent adaptations include our Foundation Year and our EPQ programme, both of which have enhanced our outstanding provision.