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“We value respect and resilience; we appreciate each other and can always see the positives”

We are based in:
Coast Block, which includes Modern Foreign Languages (Arabic A & B, French and Spanish)

Coast House Team

Head of House:
Ms. Sophie Bellis

Deputy Head of House:
Mrs Jess Acton

Parent Liaison:
Mrs. Julie Arnup

Tutor Team:

Year 7:
Ms. Smith (C7B)
Mr. Riding (C7E)
Mr. Pennington (C7J)

Year 8:
Ms. Leseur (C8C)
Mrs. Page C8H)
Mr. Aves (C8K)

Year 9:
Mr. McHale (C9A)
Mrs. Hillier (C9F)

Year 10:
Mr. Lynch (C10E)
Mr. Cliffe (C10J)
Mr. Stockwell (C10K)

Year 11:
Ms. Iskra (C11D)
Ms. Wetherell (C11H)

Year 12:
Mr. Pell (C12A)
Mr. Sturt (C12E)
Mr. Hobday (C12J)

Year 13:
Mrs. Kennedy (C13B)
Ms. John (C13F)
Mr. Oakley (C13M)

Associated Member of SLT:
Mr. Green, Assistant Headteacher


Fridge Sheets

Year 7 Coast Fridge Sheet
Year 8 Coast Fridge Sheet
Year 9 Coast Fridge Sheet
Year 10 Coast Fridge Sheet
Year 11 Coast Fridge Sheet
Year 12 Coast Fridge Sheet
Year 13 Coast Fridge Sheet


Coast House Leadership Team


Miss Bellis, Head of Coast House

After completing my Drama degree at Edge Hill University I went on to complete my PGCE at the University of Chester. Both experiences provided me with the opportunity to develop my subject knowledge but also become heavily involved in a variety of extra-curricular activities, particularly participating in sporting and performance events. Being actively involved in varying fields has allowed me to work in different capacities in the UK, USA, Sweden and other countries; both in schools and within other organisations.

After teaching at The Kingsway School in Cheadle, where I worked with all members of staff, and within the transition phase to ‘Encourage Independent Learning ‘, I joined the DESC teaching team. Since moving to Dubai and working here at DESC I have worked with English, PE, Dance and Drama departments developing my pedagogy further.

Having witnessed the House system improve and develop over the past four years and worked within the House System as Deputy Head of Earth since 2016, I am very excited to be joining Coast House in September and support students to be the best they can be.


Mrs Acton, Deputy Head of Coast House

Working in the Coast Leadership Team at DESC is an exciting and wonderful privilege to have. As Deputy Head of House at Coast, I thoroughly enjoy the daily interaction with staff and students within our wonderful house, particularly during House events and competitions.









Mrs Julie Arnup, Coast House Parent Liaison

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s welfare or well-being, please contact us via Mrs Arnup using the email address below and she will direct your enquiry to the appropriate place.
Extension number: 293