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More than 850 of our students currently use our bus service every day, on routes from as far as Jebel Ali to as close as Dubai Silicon Oasis.  We have two dedicated Bus Coordinators; Mrs Sarah Wilson and Mrs Renee Howard, who ensure that all RTA regulations for school buses are adhered to. They are responsible for all aspects of the bus service, including applications for using the service and route planning and are the primary contact between our bus users and the bus company. 

Safety on the buses is a primary concern and it’s always important we know who is travelling on the buses at any given time. Therefore, our Bus Coordinators will also authorise students wishing to change buses or use ECA buses.

We hope you will find answers to any queries you may have in our Frequently Asked Questions section below.  Our Bus Coordinators will be more than happy to address any other questions or concerns that you you may have.  Please email

DESC Bus Information

Below you will find links to information about our bus routes, late buses, Transport Service Guideline and Code of Conduct.  In addition, you will also find a link to our Request Form if you would like your child(ren) to sign up to use the bus service and the link to notify us of a change of address.

Bus Routes

Here is a list of the DESC buses, including the area each bus covers, within Dubai. These routes are reviewed regularly.

Code of Conduct

Once you subscribe to the bus service, parents and students will be asked to read and agree to this document. 

ECA Late Buses

Here is a list of the after school buses that are provided for students who take part in an ECA or revision session. 

Bus Service Request

If you would like your child(ren) to use the DESC bus service, please complete and return the form below.




Moving house?

Please notify us of your new address by clicking on the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions. However, if you have any queries that are not covered below, please email one of our Bus Coordinators on

What training do DESC Bus Drivers and Carers have?

All DESC drivers are fully trained holding RTA issued school bus driving licences. Our carers have been trained according to the RTA regulations and hold first aid training certification.

Why doesn’t DESC offer a door-to-door service?

Our aim is to get all students to DESC in good time for registration, with the shortest journey and route possible. Designated pick-up spots allows us to achieve this.

What is the procedure for alerting bus staff to changes or absence?

As a courtesy, parents can inform the carer if a student won’t be using the bus service for a morning trip, as it may save the bus driver waiting longer than necessary. It is important that the absence is reported to College.

Can students use more than one bus?

If a student is using two buses, they need to pay for two buses, as the seats need to be reserved.

Does DESC operate a one-way system?

We do not offer a one-way service. Our service is a return service, with a seat allocated for each student. You can choose to use the bus one way, however full payment will be required.

Who do I contact if I haven’t received my bus service invoice?

Please email Karen Robinson on for all bus service payment matters.

Will DESC add extra stops on bus routes?

We are always happy to look at our routes and stops. However, we need to consider many factors when making these decisions e.g. RTA regulations, student safety, road networks and timings. If a considered change impacts heavily on existing bus users, it is unlikely DESC would make such a change.

How do I advise the DESC bus staff to a change of address?

If a student moves residence/location you should contact the Bus Coordinator to check the availability of the service to the area and if there are seats available. Any changes to routes must be made through the College and not through the driver or carer. Although we will try to accommodate changes, we cannot guarantee that all areas can be serviced.

Is there a change of fees if I change location mid-term?

If you change location mid-term then no additional charge will be made, as will no refund be made, even if the cost is different to the original payment.

What is the procedures for leaving the bus service?

A full terms notice should be given in writing to withdraw from the bus service. In the event that the required notice is not given, there will be no refund for the remainder of the terms fees.

What areas of Dubai are covered by the DESC bus service?

Please follow the link HERE for information on the current bus routes.

Can I view the bus timetables?

Bus timetables depend on the location. Our earliest pick-up is 6:10am in Jebel Ali. Our latest pick-up is 7:15am at Cedre Villas. In the afternoon, buses leave DESC at 3:15pm and drop-off between 3:30pm and 4:30pm, again dependent on location.

How long are students on the bus?

In most cases, the first pick-up will be the first drop-off, so students who have a longer journey in the morning will have a shorter one in the afternoon and vice-versa. There are some exceptions, which are due to the road networks. The journey times is dependent on location. Our longest route being approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.

Do students get an allocated seat on the bus?

All bus users are allocated a seat when they commence the service. This is a permanent seat for the duration of using the service. It is an RTA requirement that boys are seated from the front of the bus and girls are seated from the back of the bus to ensure segregation by gender.

Does the ECA (late bus) go to my area?

We are very limited with ECA buses as we can only use those buses which will be back in DESC for the second trip. We currently have eight late buses for this service. We also include a metro stop in one of our journeys.  Please see the ECA Bus Schedule HERE

Do I pay extra for the ECA Bus Service?

This is a complementary service for existing bus users. Non-bus users need to purchase a pass at 30AED.

Can my child changes buses for a single journey?

If a student needs to change buses for any reason, the Bus Coordinators must receive authorisation from a parent either by telephone or by email. Some buses are full so they need to check availability on any given day.

Can my child bring a friend home on the bus with them?

Non-bus users need to purchase a pass at 30AED to travel on the bus. Bus passes can be purchased from the bus coordinators who are situated in Desert block.

What are the contact details for the ECA (late bus) bus?

Each bus has its own dedicated phone number for use when the bus is in transit only. While the numbers can be made available to parents, on occasion the buses are swapped for different routes.