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BTEC Travel and Tourism

BTEC Travel and Tourism

This exciting new BTEC course in Travel and Tourism is very much a vocational subject, it will allow students to visit a range of organizations and experience a variety of skills that are needed in the world of work. The course will enable students to access a range of career and further education opportunities. A variety of higher education courses exist that are based around either leisure, travel or tourism management. The majority of our students go onto attend University courses in the United Kingdom and beyond, to study one of the vast range of degrees on offer. Alternatively, there are many careers that build on the Travel and Tourism Qualification, particularly prevalent within the UAE.

Travel and Tourism covers a wide range of employment opportunities in the largest industrial sector and employee in the world. It is also one of the largest industries and contributors to GDP in the UAE. Globally 1 in 10 jobs are directly related to tourism. It is the fastest growing industry in the world. The availability, range and requirements for the different careers within the Travel and Tourism sector will always be sustained and is enormous. It includes jobs in airlines, management, agencies, hotels, with tour operators or involving tourist at attractions, conferences and events, hospitality and entertainment.

Dubai provides the perfect context for the study of roles within this highly dynamic industry. Students will get many opportunities for hands on experience whilst studying the course, with visits to several key tourism industries here in the Emirate, completing work experience and organising and participating in international trips

If you are a student who is willing to develop your organisational, investigational and motivational skills and will be fully committed to achieve, then this will be the course for you.

Key Stage 5

TermYear 12Year 13
1Unit 1: Investigating Travel and Tourism Industry
Unit 2: The Business of Travel and Tourism
Unit 7: European Destinations
Unit 22: Work Experience in the Travel and Tourism Sector
2Unit 3: The UK as a destination
Unit4: Customer Service in Travel and Tourism
Unit 12: Responsible Tourism
Unit 14: Specialist Tourism
3Unit 5: Marketing in Travel and Tourism
Unit 6: Preparing for Employment
Unit 8: Long Haul Destinations
Unit 26: Researching Current Issues in the Travel and Tourism Industry

Assessment Information

The course is made up of 12 units of study. Each unit will have an assignment brief with a vocational scenario that students will complete. Each unit has 10 credits which students can gain Pass, Merits and Distinctions, these credits are then converted into UCAS points or/and A level equivalent grades. The course will provide students with TWO A Level equivalent grades.

The Travel and Tourism market is the most rapidly expanding area in the 21st century and this is especially true in Dubai. Therefore if you are interested in any of the following areas of travel and tourism, this course is for you:

  • Air Travel
  • Customer Service
  • Tourist Attractions, Domestic and international tourist destinations
  • Business
  • Employment in Travel & Tourism