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Course Name:  BTEC International Level 2 Certificate in Information Technology

Equivalency Size:  1 GCSE

Units:  Unit 1: Communicating in the IT Industry, Unit 17: Website Development

Assessment Information:  Unit 1: Coursework (33%). Unit 17: Coursework (67%)

Information about the course

Unit 1

This unit is about the communication skills which are needed by people who work in the IT industry. Some of these skills are specific to the IT industry, such as the use of specialist methods of communication. For example, the use of video conferencing. Other skills, such as being able to give clear verbal explanations, are relevant to working in any industry. Communication is central to almost every aspect of business and private life, so being able to communicate clearly and effectively, by speaking, writing and other methods, is a very useful skill to develop.

This unit also looks at the impact IT has had on the society we live in. Over the last 40 years, IT has had a tremendous impact on the way we do many things. It has brought many advantages, such as new ways to communicate and stay in touch, including email and mobile phones. However, not all of the changes have been beneficial.  You will also be looking at some of the negative effects, for example IT has provided new ways for criminals to break the law.

After completing this unit, learners should:

  • be able to communicate information to suit audience, purpose and content
  • be able to use IT tools to communicate and exchange information
  • understand the impact of IT on individuals, communities and society

Unit 17

The aim of this unit is to give learners a knowledge of how websites function and an understanding of their purpose as business tools. Learners will then develop the skills required to design and create a multiple page website. The worldwide web has given rise to a new medium of communication. Websites can allow us to ‘walk into’ a world with very few boundaries. We can find MP3 files and download them with ease. Our digital images can be sent to relatives overseas in seconds. We can go shopping without leaving our homes and source the very best prices with the click of a mouse button. Essential to developing the worldwide web are the people who design effective documents that can be ‘read’ by a web browser. Web designers have the fascinating task of taking text, images, video and other resources and crafting them into high quality documents for broadcasting across the world via the internet. Their brief is to produce attractive and informative sites that are accessible to everyone. This includes users with disabilities, where, for example, features can allow speech synthesisers to read out pages for blind users.

In this unit, learners see the potential of the web and will develop a skill set which will be highly valued by industry and commerce, as well as being a useful personal skill for leisure pursuits. Web design is a skill that is becoming more and more popular as the worldwide web expands and as companies see the advantage of using browser technology for their company intranets. This unit provides a firm grounding in the concepts of web design which will help learners to progress to employment or to another educational course and to become valued employees with the key skills needed in their chosen employment.

After completing this unit, learners should:

  • Know web architecture and components
  • Understand how websites can be used by organisations
  • Be able to design website components
  • Be able to create website components

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