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Achievement Partners

At Dubai English Speaking College, one of our objectives is to enrich the education of students and provide opportunities to learn new skills, enhance confidence and gain life experiences beyond the classroom. One of the ways we aim to achieve this is by forming partnerships with businesses in the local area, facilitating a range of high quality experiences, together with community and citizenship-related programmes. We refer to these partners as being ‘Achievement Partners’: businesses or individuals who are interested in helping our young people to achieve.

By working with Achievement Partners we are excited by the prospect of being able to give our young people a platform to achieve success both now and in the future. These partnerships can also add value to local businesses, whether that is the ability to be able to influence the way the curriculum is taught, accessing a talent pool or raising awareness of their industry to attract young people to their business.

We are keen to welcome and work with interested parties within our community across a range of industries, ranging from individual, small family run businesses to large multinational organisations. There are numerous ways in which an Achievement Partner can support our curriculum, ranging from enterprise and employment, leadership and governance, through to financial and in-kind support.

To read more information about our Achievement Partners initiative, please click HERE.

If you are interested in working with us, please contact: Stephen Green, Assistant Headteacher